adapted to the functional anatomy of the head
conceived and designed by a  neurosurgeon

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First understand, then do better.   

The helmets otherwise: a medical and technological concentrate

CE homologated and more than that: adapted to the inner structure of the head.

Nature is so well done and we should respect it. BiOS is the first helmet that respects the
natural protection mechanisms developed during milions of years of human beings evolution
that the security standards still ignore.

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POLYVALENT                                                                                                                         INTELLIGENT
The first helmet made by a neurosurgeon

The first allroad helmet - made by a neurosurgeon

Useful innovation in protective helmets:

It is impossible to predict the location of a head impact. Meanwhile the consequences vary a lot according to the point of impact. Beside an improved dampening compared to the classical helmets, BiOS also fights against the hazard by resorbing the impacts toward the maximal resistance points of the human head. This new dimension of the head protection devices construction opens new developpement opportunities in all types of protective helmets. (the anatomical concept is patented and recognized by the French Research Ministry)

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. : All BiOS are covered by the anti-crush insurance during up to 2 years : .
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It is as "simple" as that:

Live the evolution and watch your head.


Users oppinions


During my neurosurgical activity I have examined and operated several thousands of head injured patients.
Some among them were wearing helmets during their accidents and thus I started, several years ago, to study the brain injury biomechanics and the protective helmets.
After some years of hard work, we are proud to bring you the first BiOS
- a pure concentrate of medical and technological knowledge -
for a maximal protection within a minimal volume.

What pushed a neurosurgeon to make himself the new BiOS helmets ?
The amazing history of BiOS on the Company page.

Extreme protection  

More than a helmet, BiOS is an anatomical, intelligent and unique protective device.

 Anatomical because adapted to the structure of the human head, and not only to its shape.

 Intelligent because working differently according to the location and to the energy of the impact.

 Unique because internationally patented.


By choosing BiOS, you benefit of all the medical knowledge on the cranio-cerebral traumas. In the mean time you support the scientific research since a significant part of our resources is reinvested in the biomechanical and medical research on head trauma.

Polyvalent & MultiSport  

More than a helmet, BiOS iNSTiNCT is a polyvalent and multi-sports head protection device: bicycle, roller and skateboard as well as kite surfing, rafting, kayak, jet ski, paragliding and other outdoor or indoor sports.


BiOS recognized by the French Insurers Association (AFSA)

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