adapted to the functional anatomy of the head
conceived and designed by a  neurosurgeon

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Here is a part of the work that you benefit by choosing a BiOS.

All started during the neurosurgery emergency service. While treating thousands of patients with head traumas, Dr CATALIN OBREJA notices that certain major cerebral lesions are not explained by the traditional biomechanical theories. He then describes for the first time the stereotactical phenomena, thus opening a new era in the comprehension of the brain injury biomechanics.

Conscious of the importance of this discovery and its implications for the cerebral protection, then he studies the conception of the protective helmets. Thus he notes that the traditional helmets do not consider even basic medical knowledge such as the anatomical structure of cranium, treating the human head as a homogeneous body whereas it is probably the most complex structure in the world.

First he tries to convince some classical helmet manufacturers to make helmets adapted to the head structure and not only to metal headforms (as required by the current standards). But he will soon understand that despite their clamed interest for innovation, classical trademarks will not invest in this field since their main focus is on reducing costs for maximizing profits.

Surprised and disappointed, Dr Obreja then decides to create himself the new generation of intelligent helmets named BiOS.

A lot of effort was necessary for managing such different and complex fields as : clinical neurotraumatology, accidentology, biomechanics, intellectual propriety, computer design, impact simulation, tools - moulds conception and manufacturing.

More than one year was necessary for the design and the feasibility studies. The tests made on the first prototypes showed that the new concept makes possible to increase the cranio-cerebral protection with up to 80% during a normative impact.

The project is then recognized within the Contest of the Innovating Companies organized by the ANVAR and the French Research Ministry.

Two years of interdisciplinary work were necessary for the industrial development of the first BiOS iNSTiNCT - for the land, water, air and mountain sports. While this first model is on the market, NTCP continues its revolutionnary work by developing the first BiOS for motorcycling and by working in other projects related to the cranio-cerebral protection and helmets standards improvement.

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