adapted to the functional anatomy of the head
conceived and designed by a  neurosurgeon

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That's simple and clear :


Classical helmets are conceived according to the public standards requirements. All these standards require impact tests using simple metal headforms that ignore most of the complexity of the real human head anatomy. Thus standards ignore even the simple mechanical resistance of the different head regions.

In addition to the standards requirements BiOS anatomical patented concept respects the functional structure of the real human head. And in case of real accidents this changes everything! (a patent is an official title delivered by governments that attests the novelty and the unicity of the innovation for which it is granted).


Research is always a question of money. Discoveries are not.

Intelligent protection of cranium

The cranium comprises zones of maximum resistance called also the resistance pillars of cranium and fragile zones. Certain fragile zones are crossed by arteries located in furrows situated on the inner surface of the skull. The fractures of the fragile zones may wound the brain by intracranial haemorrhages.

BiOS is the first helmet in the world designed to distribute the impact in a way adapted to the resistance of the various zones of the head. Because of its patented anatomical design, BiOS better absorbes the energy by deviating the impact towards the resistance pillars of the cranium and thus better protecting its fragile zones.

Part of the BiOS concept in a drawing - click here
(150 Ko - text in French)


Real safety valves

BiOS comprises real safety valves strategicaly located. In the event of a violent impact, through their destruction, BiOS absorbs a higher amount of energy thus providing a higher protection.


Deep cerebral zones protection

The deep cerebral injuries are the most dangerous. They mainly occur because of the stereotactical phenomena (for further details please consult the Neuroskills web site ).

BiOS is the first helmet in the world conceived for fighting the stereotactical phenomena and thus decreasing the deep cerebral injuries.


Cervical protection

In the event of a violent impact, by the absorption of a higher amount of energy, the forces propagated towards the cervical spine decrease. Thus BiOS also decreases the risk of tetraplegy.


Design           Comfort

A revolutionary concept in harmoniously rounded shapes.
As well in city as adventurous, its anatomical design is elegant but also futurist.

Thanks to its patented anatomical design BiOS has a selective contact with strategical zones of the head, thus providing an incredible comfort in long travels and races.



BiOS is made of a special alloy. It contains polycarbonate and carbon fibres.

Every detail counts. All the components of BiOS work together to improve the energy absorption and to ensure a real complementarity with the functional anatomy of the head. Even the small edge of the shell has an important biomechanical function.

Beyond standards

BiOS was tested in conformity with standards NF EN 1078, NF EN 1385. The results are spectacular: up to 6 times better than the requirements of the standards. Here is a graphical test result scanned (in French)

More than the standards requirements and the lab testing capabilities, BiOS is first of all adapted to the functional anatomy of the human head.

So what ? Consult the following page (in French) concerning a real accident with a free fall of 5 m on the top of the head. Julien had no injury at all. This real accident proves that Julien's BiOS was at least 35 times more efficient than the standard requirements in air sports. (read here > > >)

You should also carefully read the Company page for understanding how and why a neurosurgeon decided to develop himself this first intelligent head protection devices.

Made in France Patented in France and abroad
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