adapted to the functional anatomy of the head
conceived and designed by a  neurosurgeon

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Revolutionary meanwhile cheaper than the hairdressing ?!

BiOS Carbone starting with 199 e

Free delivery - world wide - on the 2nd - 4th BiOS
To take advantage please pass your first order here bellow without paying it
and contact us after while specifying the sizes and the colors of the supplementary BiOS you need.

Buy 3 BiOS and receive the 4th BiOS for free.
Contact us by email concerning the desired sizes, colors and options.

manufactured in France
with carbon fibers
invented by a neuro-surgeon
and cheaper than many classical helmets !

Orders treated under 3 days
(for BiOS iNSTiNCT standard sizes.
For the BiOS FiX - manufacturing delay 15 - 21 days)

Buying from BiOS web site: get satisfied or get your money back - 30 days warranty!

How to choose the good size or a BiOS FiX

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The BiOS CARBONE carry a 2 years warranty.

Color *: Blue Yellow Black 199 €
  Blue-Silver* Yellow-Black* Black-Silver* 299 €
Blue and Blus-Silver models currently unavailable
* Bichrome models only available for the BiOS FiX orders

Manufacturing *: BiOS FiX on size (+ 100€) standard sizes L, M or S (+ 0 €)

Head size *:
Choose your head size from this list.

Cheveux : long / thick            short / mean           rare / absent

Confort foam: 1 (included)            2 (+ 6 €)           3 (+ 10 €)
For intesive usage choose 2 or 3 foam sets.

Customized :

Professional engraved drawings
Roller dirt (50 €)
Air Sports (50 €)
Horse ridding (50 €)
Canoë-kayak (50 €)
Cycling (50 €)
Roller rando (50 €)
Collector: inventor's signature
(500 €)

MATTE surface (30 €)

no thanks (0 €)

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