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Promotional BiOS Flash sales
One BiOS per day released to the best offer.

Even better : your unique offer will compete during 2 days. Clearly, even if your offer does not win today, it still has a chance to win tomorrow. Hurry-up! Sooner you make your offer more chances you have since the first and highest offer wins.

Great: nothing to loose and everything to win.

Good luck!

Specify your head size in cm, your delivery fees and make your offer with the email address where you would like to receive the winner's email.

It's up to you:

Desired color*
Your net offer (€)*
Delivery to* France + 10 e
Europe + 15 e
 World + 20 e
Head size (cm)*
Sports / activities

Your phone number will only be used if necessary to communicate your the winner's message (just in case that we cannot contact you by email).

Rules: Every human on Earth can participate for free. Every winner is notified by automated email. The winner is the first and highest offer of the day (or of the day before if still in competition). The winner will receive an invitation to specify the delivery address and to pay. Every winner also receives a money back guarantee of 7 days (packing and delivery cost is not refundable). The Flash sales are a special promotional game organized by BiOS and can be stopped at any moment and without notification.